Lesbianism in Islam

Apr 30 2011 Published Under Social Issues, Women's Issues

Telephone conversation with ash Sheikh Abdul Maalik ar Ramadhaani may Allah preserve him, where he was asked about the fitnah of lesbianism which some sisters in the West have been afflicted with.

5th April 2011.

Caller: Some of the brothers have requested that I present to you a matter of utmost importance oh Sheikh.

Sheikh: Yes.

Caller: Our sheikh, by Allah, and Allah’s help is sought, the fitnah of lesbianism has spread amongst the sisters here in the West.

Sheikh: Did you say the sisters or the non-Muslim women (akhawaat aw kaafiraat)?

Caller: The sisters here oh sheikh.

Sheikh: Subhaan Allah.

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Women’s Clothing that is Alluring

Apr 30 2011 Published Under Social Issues, Women's Issues

Fataawaa Nurun ‘ala ad Darb.

Sheikh Saalih al Fawzaan (حفظه الله).

A sister asks: some sisters, may Allah guide them, wear robes which are striking and alluring. Is it permissible for them to go out wearing these robes and is there any sin upon them?

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Applicable Advice for the Middle East “Revolt” – The Principles for Avoidance of Trials and Tribulations

Apr 30 2011 Published Under Aqeedah, Social Issues, Terrorism and Extremism, The Sunnah

Sheikh ‘Abd ar Razzaaq bin ‘Abdil Muhsin al Badr.

It has been confirmed from the Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم that he said:

إِنَّ السَّعِيدَ لَمَنْ جُنِّبَ الْفِتَنَ

“Indeed the fortunate one is he who is spared from trials and tribulations.”

Reported by Abu Dawood and others

by way of al Miqdaad bin al Aswad رضي الله عنه

Consequently many of those who have zeal and sincerity for the religion, who desire for themselves and the Ummah of Islam loftiness and dignity, ask how is it acquired, how is it achieved? How can a Muslim safeguard and protect himself from trials and tribulations, while being secure from their harm, evil and danger? Because everyone who is zealous and sincere does not wish trials and tribulations for himself or the Ummah, due to the sincerity that lies in his heart for himself and the worshippers of Allah – following the example in the saying of the Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم:

الدِّينُ النَّصِيحَةُ قُلْنَا لِمَنْ قَالَ لِلَّهِ وَلِكِتَابِهِ وَلِرَسُولِهِ وَلِأَئِمَّةِ الْمُسْلِمِينَ وَعَامَّتِهِمْ

“The Deen [religion] is sincerity. We [the companions] said: ‘to whom oh Messenger of Allah?’ He said to Allah, His Book, His Messenger, the leaders of the Muslims and the common folk among them.”

Reported by Muslim

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Where Does the Term Ahl us Sunnah wal Jamaa’ah Come from?

Sep 08 2010 Published Under Aqeedah, Da'wah, Seeking Knowledge, The Sunnah

From a recording of “Some Characteristics of al Firqah an Naajiyah [the Saved Sect]; at Taaifah al Mansoorah [Victorious Group]” by Sheikh Saalih aal ash Sheikh (حفظه الله):

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Sep 08 2010 Published Under Aqeedah, Da'wah, Seeking Knowledge, The Sunnah

Question posed to Sheikh ‘Abd ul ‘Azeez aal ash Sheikh (حفظه الله) Grand Mufti of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

There is a fierce attack upon Imam Muhammed bin ‘Abd il Wahhaab and those who follow him are called Wahhaabiyyah [Wahhaabis], so what is the view of your Eminence regarding these people?

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Is There a Fourth Category of Tawheed: al Haakimiyyah?

Sep 03 2010 Published Under Aqeedah, Seeking Knowledge

Question posed to Sheikh bin Baaz (رحمه الله):

Your Eminence, father, there are now those who say that there are four types of Tawheed, and say that the fourth type is Tawheed al Haakimiyyah [ruling by what Allah has legislated] so is this correct?

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Are the Khawaarij Salafis?

Sep 03 2010 Published Under Aqeedah, Seeking Knowledge, Terrorism and Extremism

Question posed to Sheikh bin Baaz (رحمه الله):

What is your response to one who says: the ‘Aqeedah of the Khawaarij is the Salafi ‘Aqeedah and that they, meaning the Khawaarij, are Salafis?

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One who Recites the Quran but Stammers and Finds it Difficult

Sep 02 2010 Published Under Seeking Knowledge, The Quran

From the book “Reflect Upon the Quran” by Sheikh Saalih al Fawzaan (حفظه الله):

“He who is proficient in the Quran will be with as Safarah al Kiraam al Bararah [noble and obedient ambassadors. The Sheikh explains this below]. And he who recites the Quran but stammers therein, and it is difficult for him then he is rewarded twice.”

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What are the Types of Tawheed?

Aug 30 2010 Published Under Aqeedah, Seeking Knowledge

Question posed to Sheikh Saalih al Fawzaan (حفظه الله)

Due to the lack of my understanding of the types of Tawheed and what it really means, and my desire to be free from Shirk, I ask therefore that you answer the following questions: what are the types of Tawheed with an explanation of each one?

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Lovers of Debate, Opinion and Counter-Opinion

Aug 29 2010 Published Under Aqeedah, Seeking Knowledge

An excerpt from the book “The Firmness of the ‘Aqeedah of the Salaf” by Sheikh ‘Abd ur Razzaq bin ‘Abd al Muhsin al Badr, son of the great scholar, the Muhaddith Sheikh ‘Abd ul Muhsin al ‘Abbaad al Badr. He quotes a saying of one of the Salaf [pious predecessors] Ma’an bin ‘Eesa a highly regarded man who was trust-worthy in his narrations, at the time of Imaam Maalik [see Siyar A'laam an Nubalaa by al Haafidh adh Thahabi]:

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